Calivigny Island, Grenada

A private island paradise where your dreams become reality

About Calivigny Island

Calivigny Island started as a love story. For decades, it was a deserted island full of rugged beauty. In 2001, when it caught the eye of the owner’s wife, her husband had a vision to transform the land into an exquisite private island retreat for his family. Today, this architectural masterpiece, spread over 80 lush acres, is available to guests who appreciate the finest things in life. Moments to treasure. Memories to last forever. The simple pleasure of sharing time together.

Freedom to do as much as you please. Or as little. On Calivigny Island, we turn over the keys to the island to you and your guests. To create your story of a lifetime. With total privacy. This is modern paradise. Behind the scenes, you’ll have a dedicated team of experts in the art of hospitality. Michelin-starred chefs. Award-winning designers. Trainers and wellness professionals. Playmates for the young ones – and young at heart. Everything is tailor made to make our home yours.

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