Holy Deer Lodge, Rome

A one of a kind desitnation fit for the pope

About Holy Deer

From the infinite white horizons of the mountains, through a step into the richness of Roman history, to the boundless sea, where time disappears into the blueness of the water: both of the San Lorenzo Lodges are one of a kind. They embrace the soul of the traveler. Here you will experience real freedom, real flavors, a truly heartfelt welcome. An understanding of travel and of hospitality that pushes beyond the customary limits.

Holy Deer was originally designed for Pope Innocent X by Boromini, and is housed within on of the most Baroque Roman churches. It features ceilings that are Frescos from Allegrini. With over 1000 details to discover, a view over looking the Bernini Fountain, and custom restoration by the best Italian craftsmen, you are certain to have a heavenly epxerience.

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