Sweet Bocas, Panama

A magical island paradise with luxury and mystery around every corner

About Sweet Bocas

Sweet Bocas is built upon four core pillars: education, environment, entertainment and intellectual exchange. As an experienced world traveler and restaurateur, Annick envisioned a place that would create opportunities to give back to the community and for people to live and feel a different and authentic experience. She created a place where families and friends can come together to experience nature, learn about the planet and its ecosystems, engage in all sorts of activities, provide and offer their time and skills to local communities or simply be in the moment while enjoying the ultimate luxury experience in absolute privacy.

Sweet Bocas is dedicated to providing a conscious travel experience that in turn creates a positive impact for the indigenous communities of Bocas del Toro, Panama. With self imposed strict environmental standards, support and employ members of local communities and partner with locally embedded organizations such as Give and Surf. Sweet Bocas is proud to support education, sponsor scholarships and continue the sustainable empowerment of hundreds of individuals in Bocas del Toro.

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