White Deer Lodge, Dolomites

Mountains. Blue Skies.
The beauty of the moment

About White Deer Lodge

From the infinite white horizons of the mountains, through a step into the richness of Roman history, to the boundless sea, where time disappears into the blueness of the water: White Deer Lodge is one of a kind. They embrace the soul of the traveler. Here you will experience real freedom, real flavors, a truly heartfelt welcome. An understanding of travel and of hospitality that pushes beyond the customary limits.

Nestled in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains in South Tyrol. White Deer Lodge was built as a hunting lodge for the Bishop of Brixen in the early 16th Century. Built on 18 hectacres, of which 5 hectacres are meadows, 8 hectacres are timber, and 5 hectacres are alpine pasutre. There is plenty to explore. The four bedroom lodge can accomodate up to 10 guests, who will enjoy a fine seletion of local wines from South Tyrol. Guests can also spend their day enjoying a private golf course designed by Ron Kirby, or exploring the local village and farm.

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